Red Hen Systems

Rapidly bridging dynamic markets from conservation to energy, from military to natural resources, we provide geospatial video mapping systems; servicing, educating and training a variety of clients in relevant GIS markets.

Our Products

Pipe-I Finds Natural Gas Methane Emissions

Methane Leak Detection and Mapping with Optical Gas Imaging and Laser

isWhere - New Release

Displays geotagged video and photos on Google Earth (free trial available)

VMS-333: Geospatial Video Mapping System (VMS)

Geotags Videos, Multiplexes Sensor Data, Collects Metadata that can be turned into Geospatial Intelligence

MediaMapper Mobile v2.61

Turns Android into Geospatial and Digital Mapping Device (free trial available)

MediaMapper Mobile (Gov)

Free download for US Government Employees at the GEOINT App Store. Use Internet Explorer to open the links below.



Energy and Utilities


Natural Resources

Hummer and helicopter

Security and Defense


Asset Management


Disaster Preparedness and Response